book cover of Faery Godlover

Faery Godlover

A Novella by

Capricious and rakish, the fae prince Duada Sidherhain lives a hedonistic life in the Summerland Court, dallying with every female that catches his fancy. Tired of his rebellious ways, the Queen sends him to Earth to be a guardian fae to a woman with an unlucky love life. Duada must find her a perfect man before he's allowed to return to the faeland.

Curvaceous barista Jasmine Duval feels she had been cursed in the dating department. It doesn't matter that she's an attractive and vivacious girl; she seems to only attract the worst sort of guys. For months, she'd sworn off men before Duada descends chaotically into her life. He offers her a trade: he will set her up on a series of dates to find her a dream guy, so he can return home.

But Duada is full of mischief as he has a wicked sense of humor. Because Jasmine is sweet and too forgiving, he can't stop himself from causing trouble on her dates. Unwittingly, Duada finds himself attracted to her. He wants Jasmine for himself even though she's off limits.

Or is she?

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