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Kristal's Changed Life

A novel by

Kristal's Changed Life by JG-Leathers

My name is Kristal Strang and I am now a rubber animal.

JG Leathers brings us another wild tale that only he can tell. Kristal's Changed Life, inspired by Celine's Seduction to Rubber, is the story of Kristal Strang and her unwilling rubber transformation.

Kristal, your average nineteen year old, had lost her mother at an early age. Wild, rebellious and flaunting a great body, she has to try everything at least once; drugs, alcohol, and tons of sex. Thinking she is fooling her strict and dominant father, she goes so far as to have an affair with an older woman whom she looks to for motherly advice.

Unfortunately for Kristal, her father knows all after having her spied on by private investigators. After months of conversations, renovations and planning, he informs Kristal they are moving out to the country. She is devastated by the news, but is definitely not prepared for what comes next.

When arriving at the new estate, Kristal is introduced to Frau Baxter, her new governess. At dinner, it is explained to her that though she is nineteen, she is to be fiercely disciplined by the domineering woman. Kristal finds herself very drowsy after dinner and lets Frau Baxter lead her to her rooms for sleep. Groggily the next morning, she wakes to find she has been completely bound to her bed by her wrists, neck and ankles. Shrieking and sobbing, Kristal is inconsolable. The worst, however, is when Frau Baxter explains that this is indeed part of her "correction" and she is now completely under her control.

After a harrowing first day, where she is stripped of all hair, force fed a gluey mush substance, is encased in her Initial Training Ensemble and sent to the "Contemplation Chamber", Kristal is frantic and cannot understand why her father would do this to her. Little does she know that this first part will be the easiest.

With a true gift for description, JG Leathers is able to make you feel as though the reader is the one encased in rubber, bound in cuffs, pierced in multiple places, and desperate to escape.

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