book cover of Doubly Milked Male

Doubly Milked Male

A novel by

JG-Leathers returns to PF with a tale of frustrated desire and fulfilment beyond the wildest expectations. Bored and temporarily unemployed, he surfs the internet for entertainment to slake a demanding thirst for images and stories of the kinkiest kind. Even though extremely well paid, his most recent IT contract has been terrifically demanding. He needs downtime, and a chance to indulge his wilder transvestite and masochistic fantasies. The language of a seemingly innocent advertisement for a ‘Research Associate’ intrigues him, and so he answers not expecting a reply. Yet 48 hours later, a classy invitation arrives in his mailbox, inviting him to an interview. A medical exam quickly follows, a contract is signed, and suddenly he’s presented with a full set of cuffs and collar that he cannot remove! When a body harness and strict chastity device come next, he’s truly alarmed! When he’s relocated to a remote facility deep in the forests of Colorado, his fright fully blossoms. A prisoner in a gilded cage…the acquisition of a man-hating female… lab rat… toy… The transformation is swift and unpleasant. What more awaits? Read this harrowing tale and find out! Expect all the graphic detail JG is known for.

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