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Charlie lives an average life in an ordinary home, and she isn't complaining. Jack is a good husband and they have beautiful children--but when she discovers her penchant for a secret taboo, she finds that it suddenly turns her sex life from a mundane distraction into a mind-blowing, transcendent experience. This is the story of a woman's exquisite unfolding, as her sexual discovery and yearning for something more pushes she and her man to the edge, testing boundaries and forcing her to surrender to something much deeper than herself.

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations, a plethora of anal sex, elements of BDSM and a menage a trois (MFM threesome) with a very lucky bellboy.


When I came out of the bedroom, he was naked on the bed, a few pillows tucked behind his head. His eyes lit up when he saw me and he let out a low whistle.

"Where's the KY?" he asked.

I smiled, bringing the bag out from behind my back. I was more than ready. I tossed it toward him and he caught it, opening the Ziploc bags and fishing out the tubes.

He threw one back at me. "For the bathroom. Leave it on the counter."

I walked back to the bathroom, still just a little unsteady in the heels, peeking around the corner to put the KY next to the sink. When I turned back, Jack was pacing, tossing pillows around the room. He threw a bottle of KY next to the two pillows on the floor, one on each side of the bed. He put one on each night table.

"What are you doing?" I put my hands on my hips and cocked my head at him.

"Tactical maneuvers." He looked over at me with a grin. "Reinforcing my supply lines."

I laughed, shaking my head. He sat on the bed, crooking his finger at me again, and with a sense of deja-vu, I came to stand between his thighs. His hands moved over my hips in the white cotton panties and then slid up to my breasts in the black lace bra, pushing my flesh up until it threatened to spill over the top.

"Angel and slut." His breath was hot against my belly as he kissed me there, and I finally understood his choice in garments. His thumbs rolled over my nipples through the lace and I sighed, arching my back toward him. He licked them through the fabric, making fat circles around and around.

Slipping my hand through his hair, I pulled him closer, moving forward and sitting on his leg, rubbing my pussy over his thigh. I'd been wearing the panties less than five minutes and they were already damp. His cock was hard, brushing against the lace top of my thigh high as I ground my hips against him--the heat of it was incredible.

I reached down and tugged on his shaft, rubbing my thumb over the tip, making him groan against my breasts with his face buried there. Slowly, I slid down his thigh, kneeling between his legs and looking up at him. His cock was pointing straight at my mouth, as if it knew just what it wanted, and I reached my tongue out for it, licking all around the tip, making it wet.

Jack made a happy noise in his throat, looking down to see himself disappearing into my mouth. I loved sucking his cock, and I knew just what he liked, teasing and licking and even nibbling at first, just at the tip, until he started leaking pre-cum. Then I opened my mouth wide, taking him in as far as I could go, usually about halfway at first, working him deeper and deeper with every pass.

I put my hands behind my back as I sucked him, crossing my arms at the wrists. It was my version of "see, no hands!" and he loved it, grabbing my hair, growling and thrusting, using my mouth and throat for his pleasure. There were times when I could, and did, do this for hours, in various positions, bringing him to a near-boiling point again and again, only to back off for a while, licking his thighs, his balls, his belly, and then starting all over.

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Paperback Editions

March 2009 : USA Paperback

Title: Unfolding
Author(s): Selena Kitt
ISBN: 1-4414-6516-2 / 978-1-4414-6516-0 (USA edition)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

Audio Editions

September 2012 : USA Audio edition

Title: Unfolding: A BDSM Erotic MFM Menage
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon   

September 2012 : Canada Audio edition

Title: Unfolding: A BDSM Erotic MFM Menage
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon CA   

September 2012 : UK Audio edition

Title: Unfolding: A BDSM Erotic MFM Menage
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon UK   

Kindle Editions

February 2009 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Unfolding
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU