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From Bestselling and Award-Winning Author Selena Kitt - Over a Million Books Sold!

David has been brightening up his gray Surrey, England days with the porn collection hidden in his parents' shed, but when he finds that their American foreign exchange student, Dawn, has discovered his magazines, things really begin to heat up. David's parents insist that he look for a job, but Dawn has the week off and is determined to work on her tan. Distracted David finds himself increasingly tempted by their seductive foreign exchange student, who makes it very clear what she wants. In spite of the Study Abroad program's policy that no "relations" are allowed between a student and anyone in their host family--not to mention David's mother's insistence that they treat each other as "brother and sister,"--Dawn's teasing ways slowly break down the barrier between them until they both give in to their lust. But what are they going to do about the feelings that have developed between them in the meantime?

NOTE: This story appeared in another book titled NAUGHTY BITS. This is a slightly less naughty, but no less sexy re-telling--updated and redressed for your reading pleasure.


"Dawn, what are you doing?"

"Well, I'm a bit pissed," she admitted. "And I'm really randy, especially after watching you wanking in the shed."

"Oh god." I groaned, putting my hand to my forehead. She was moving toward me and my gaze fell from her breasts down to her bikini bottoms. Now that I'd seen the top, I wanted to see the rest.

"You wanna suck these?" she purred, pulling on her nipples. "Do you wanna shove your cock in my cunt?"

I had backed up to the wall and she was leaning in toward me, not touching me, but close. She slid her hand down into her bikini and I could see the top edge of her pubic hair.

"You wanna fuck me?" Her hand moved between her legs.

I groaned, closing my eyes against it. "Dawnie," I pleaded. "Please. Stop."

"You want to," she whispered, and I jumped when she squeezed my crotch. My cock throbbed against her hand through my boxers. "You've been wanking in the shed and looking at that girl who looks just like me and wishing it was really me all along, haven't you?"
She moved her hand between my legs, rubbing it up and down the length of my shaft through the thin material.

I groaned. "Yes. Oh God, Dawn, yes." I grabbed her hand, pushing it away. "You gotta stop. We really can't do this."

She pouted, her brow knitting. "Why not?"

"Because," I choked. "Because you're like my sister. And there are rules. You remember what my mum said when you moved in?"

It felt like a million years ago, but my mum had read us both the riot act, especially after seeing how grown-up Dawn really had become, about the rules they had in the Study Abroad program--no "relations" were allowed between occupants. "You're to treat each other as brother and sister," she insisted. Not that it had been that hard really. Dawn annoyed me just like an older sister would, and she said I was worse than having a little brother, so it had worked out pretty well.

Until now.

Paperback Editions

December 2010 : USA Paperback

Title: Foreign Exchange
Author(s): Selena Kitt
ISBN: 1-60982-500-4 / 978-1-60982-500-3 (USA edition)
Publisher: Excessica
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