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Maintenance Week

(The first book in the Valley of Surrender series)
A novel by

His sweet, submissive Lacey needed her strict, disciplinarian husband back. And she was about to get it.

Being a submissive, well-spanked wife was pretty close to heaven on earth for Lacey Warren. The problem was, after the birth of her child, she was distinctly missing the “well-spanked” part. Perhaps she didn’t miss the pain of her punishments, the humiliation, and being bent to the iron will of her implacable, alpha male husband.

Or maybe that was exactly what she was missing.

Her problem was how to rekindle that red-hot, twisted, dark D/s undercurrent that used to run through every sexual encounter between she and her husband. Pushing him wasn’t an option; her husband would never do anything until he was good and ready. She’d resigned herself to a permanent change in their intimate lives…until the day he’d left her the letter. The old Troy had returned. With a vengeance. And it looked like Lacey was about to live out the very painful — but deeply sexual — reality of “be careful what you wish for.”

It had been long enough. Holding himself back from taking his wife in hand once again had been the worst torture he’d ever been through. With a new baby, he had no choice. Now? Those days were over, and his Lacey was about to find out that the old Troy hadn’t disappeared. He’d only been waiting. Soon, he’d have her on her knees again, and back firmly under his thumb — and his hand. The days of his wife walking around with a pristine white bottom were coming to an end.

The only question for Troy was: how far was he prepared to take her in order to show her their old D/s dynamic was very much still alive. Did he trust himself not to lead her too far down the road of deep, utter submission he required of her? When it came to his gorgeous, curvy wife, he would accept nothing less than her complete surrender. To a hard, strict man like him, Lacey was more than his wife. She was his possession. He intended to remind her of that in very sexual, painful, and even humiliating, ways. It was what she needed. It was what she craved. He would give her all of it, and more, in ways she could only dream about. Those dreams were about to become a dark, lurid, intensely passionate reality.

It was what they both needed.

There was more at play here than simply reminding his submissive wife that she was subject to her dominant husband in all things. His best friend Hunter’s marriage was slowly falling apart, and Troy suspected Lacey’s interest in helping Hunter might be more than...simple friendly support.

It shocked him though how much that suspicion — and what it might mean — didn’t bother him.

What’s more, since learning of the existence of the community of White Valley, a very unique town nestled high up in the Cascades of Washington state that embraced the deep D/s dynamic that Troy and Lacey lived, a possible solution had been percolating in Troy’s mind.

What would it mean to live in a place like White Valley? Could it both strengthen his own D/s marriage…and help mend a best friend’s broken heart?

Publisher's Warning: This steamy contemporary D/s romance is intended for mature readers. 18 and over only!

This novel contains the following themes or activities: pervasive D/s, intense and explicit sex, spanking and other corporal punishment, anal play, and other acts of (very) unequal power dynamics. If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.

Word Count: 75,735 words​

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