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Babysitting the Baumgartners

(The first book in the Baumgartners series)
A novel by


Ronnie--or as Mrs. Baumgartner insists on calling her, Veronica--has been babysitting for the Baumgartners since she was fifteen years old and has practically become another member of the family. Now a college freshman, Ronnie jumps at the chance to work on her tan in the Florida Keys with "Doc" and "Mrs. B" under the pretense of babysitting the kids. Ronnie isn't the only one with ulterior motives, though, and she discovers that the Baumgartners have wayward plans for their young babysitter. This wicked hot sun and sand coming of age story will seduce you as quickly as the Baumgartners seduce innocent Ronnie and leave everyone yearning for more!

Warnings: This title contains sand, sun, micro-bikinis, graphic language, seriously erotic erotica, lesbian sex, anal sex, sex toys, a MFF menage a trois (threesome) between an older couple and their teen babysitter that may set your Kindle on fire (or your print pages if you haven't yet been Kindle-assimilated) and a coming-of-age fantasy that will rock your world.

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"Now, I'm hungry." His voice was low as he kissed his way back down my neck, lifting my t-shirt, and I let him pull it off over my head.

"God you're something." He looked at me for a moment, shaking his head a little and smiling. The he grabbed my bottom and lifted me, squealing, to the opposite counter, setting me up on it.

"What are you doing?" I smiled, my eyes dipping down past the top elastic band of his boxer-briefs and seeing the bulge there. It made something in my belly tighten.

"I told you." He sank to his knees on the tile in front of me. "I'm hungry."

"Doc..." My hand moved through his hair as his palms spread my thighs. "We can't--"
He pulled me forward, hooking my legs over his shoulders, breathing me in.

"Spread it for me." His breath was hot against my mound. Biting my lip, I did as I was told, reaching down and opening my lips with two fingers. He made an "mmm" sound and looked up at me.

"Show me," he said. "Play with your pussy."

I slipped my finger over to my clit, rubbing it a little, pressing the hood up and down, back and forth. It was only a few moments before everything there began to tingle and I was making a soft "mmm" sound, too.

"Do you finger yourself?" His eyes following the path of my fingers through my lips and back up to my clit.

"Sometimes." I put my feet up on his shoulders, giving him a better view and spreading myself really wide. He groaned as he watched me slide a finger into my pussy, and then another, moving them slowly in and out and using my thumb against my clit.

"Talented girl," he murmured. I saw his shoulder and arm muscles moving and knew that he was rubbing his cock. When I slid my fingers out and back up to my clit, he grabbed my wrist, sucking the juices off.

"My turn." He licked my swollen lips, up one side, then the other, teasing me at the top of the cleft, pulling on the skin with his tongue but not touching my clit.

I slid my hands over my breasts, my nipples so hard they felt hot under my fingers as I rolled and tugged on them, sending sweet waves of extra pleasure down to the spot that Doc was licking with his tongue. He moved it around and around at first--fat, lazy circles that made me moan and press my feet into his shoulders.

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Paperback Editions

November 2008 : USA Paperback

Title: Babysitting The Baumgartners
Author(s): Selena Kitt
ISBN: 1-4404-3195-7 / 978-1-4404-3195-1 (USA edition)
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon AU   

Audio Editions

September 2014 : USA Audio edition

Title: Babysitting for the Baumgartners: The Baumgartners, Book 1
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon   

September 2014 : Canada Audio edition

Title: Babysitting for the Baumgartners: The Baumgartners, Book 1
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon CA   

September 2014 : UK Audio edition

Title: Babysitting for the Baumgartners: The Baumgartners, Book 1
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica
Availability: Amazon UK   

Kindle Editions

October 2013 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Babysitting the Baumgartners
Author(s): Selena Kitt
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA