book cover of Book One

Book One

(The first book in the Convict's Captive series)
A novel by

Carly didn't know the man had slipped into her car until it was too late. "Blackjack" Jackson had been doing three consecutive life terms at the State Penitentiary at Wolverton. It's too bad that Carly hadn't been listening to the radio. It was all over the news. Two guards had been killed. He was considered armed and dangerous. Jack needed a car and a hostage and he was appropriately grateful at having found one so young and beautiful. It's been 12 years since Jack had the pleasure of a woman's body and she fit that bill nicely. Carly resolves to deny her captor the satisfaction of her arousal, but soon finds herself caught in a whirlwind of passion as Jack releases in her depths of depravity she had never known. It's 1500 miles to Mexico. Jack has sworn that he will never spend another night in jail. Anyone in his way will be ruthlessly swept aside. And if Carly becomes a liability, well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. And yet, there is something about the passionate, blond haired woman that has sparked emotions in Jack that are unfamiliar. Maybe, just maybe, he'll keep her around, for now at least.

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