book cover of Watching Luisa

Watching Luisa

(The fifth book in the Alpha's series)
A novel by

Charles Patrice, a billionaire playboy, is still haunted by his past. Deceived by the woman he thought himself in love, and betrayed by a cruel, self-serving father, he has accepted that he is just not the settling down type. However, a chance meeting with Luisa Barrero, the small Spanish beauty still convalescing after an accident which almost cost her life has his life turned upside down and inside out. When discovering just who she actually is, he determines to back away, until he learns that somebody is trying to kill Luisa.
Now, he steps up to protect the sweetest woman he has ever known, sure that he can put his attraction for her to the side to ensure her safety. But can he? Can she? Or will the shadowy person hunting Luisa tear them apart forever?

It was late when he finally got to her apartment, he making arrangements to contact Dan the next day. Using the code she had given him, he let himself in, standing undecided outside of her door. Retrieving the key, he smiled looking at the mermaid keyring, so like Luisa. What the hell had he been thinking? He only hoped that she would forgive him, he almost certain that she would. Luisa was just that kind of person. There was no badness in that woman, just kindness and a fierce loyalty that he was in awe of.
Opening the door, he stepped silently into her home, the place eerily still. Groaning, he hoped that she was not asleep already as he stepped towards the bedroom. Passing the living room, he frowned, the light seeping out from under the door. Turning the handle, he stepped into the room, his body freezing at the sight which met him.
"Luisa!", her name flew from his lips, even as he rushed further into the room. She lay slumped on the couch, a bottle of pills on the coffee table beside her. Dear God no. Please, please let him not be too late.
"Stop!" The loud command brought him to an instant halt, his eyes flying to the chair, he only now seeing the man sat there, the gun in his hand pointed at him.
Turning to look at Luisa once more, panic filled him. "What the hell is going on? What happened to her?"
The stranger lifted the gun in a threatening gesture as Charles once more made to move to Luisa. "You can't help her. She has to die you see", the man sighing as he tutted softly to himself. "And now it looks like you will too. This is getting messy", he musing softly to himself as his look slid to Luisa. I suppose that I can make it look like she killed you. Then, racked with guilt, she took her own life", his words seeming to revive him. "Yeah, that will work."
Charles stared at the man, fear thudding into him. He had to save Luisa. He could see her eyes opening, relief slamming into him. At least she was still alive. He groaned, knowing that he would never get to the man before he was shot, but he had to try. He had to save Luisa. If the first shot didn't kill him, maybe he could overpower him. All of these thoughts rushed through his head in a split second, his body preparing to pounce.