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The Temporary Wife

A novel by

Nikos Manolis, CEO of the powerful Manolis Corporation is in a bind. To complete a take-over deal, he must woo and marry the beautiful Willow. If not, Richard Moore, a man with a connection to Willow he does not want revealed will sell to his rival. Marriage is something Nikos has never wanted. His life is perfect as it is. The only saving grace is Richard’s insistence the marriage be short-lived, and Willow become a rich woman. Believing her just one more gold digger who will do well from the deal Nikos agrees. However, once he meets Willow can he stick to the original agreement. And if the truth becomes known, will he be able to walk away?

Willow Fisher is a woman making her way in the world. Nearly finished university, she has plans in a career she is passionate about. What she never planned on was meeting a man like Nikos. And when she does, she falls hard. Here is a man with everything - money, power, and good looks. A man with no ulterior motive to be with her other than love. When he asks her to marry him, she feels her happy-ever-after miracle has happened, vowing to make him the best wife. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale. When she discovers Nikos, along with another, have the cruelest ulterior motive of all what will she do?

Can love overcome betrayal?

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