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Pirate's Revenge

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Captured by pirates, innocent Lady Elizabeth Palmer is given a choice: Sleep with the captain or die along with all of the other hostages. But Alex Hunter is no ordinary pirate, and she soon comes to know that their past and possibly futures are entwined. When Alex first sets eyes on the stunning Lady Palmer he is again faced with the treachery of her father ten years earlier, but now, thanks to a twist of fate, he has the opportunity to right some wrongs and to get back what was once his.
However, he quickly realises that Elizabeth is nothing like her father, and that he is in deeper than he ever thought possible. Meanwhile Elizabeth cannot help but fall for the mysterious captain, but there is much more to this man than he is telling. When events take a turn can they both survive the dangers and treachery which await each?
"Fortunately you have the means to save yourselves", he drawled, his eyes fixed on Maria and Elizabeth. I have a tradition that if there are women on board and one of them pleases me, I let all of the prisoners go free. Both women looked at each other, neither understanding what he meant, as her father behind her gave a small gasp of hope.
"Take Maria, take the girl", he cried, as Elizabeth frowned, still not understanding but uncomfortable with the way her handmaiden was being so callously thrown to the captain.
However, the man shook his head. Moving over to Maria he extended his hand to her. As she took it he helped her to rise once more to her feet. "Tell your friends what I promised to you a moment ago little one", he murmured more gently, as Maria nervously looked at him then at the others.
"That no man would touch me while on your ship", she finally answered, her small voice almost inaudible.
With that he directed her to go back and stand beside Gerald. "Now, I have given my word to the child", he said softly, "And I would not like to go back on that. So that leaves only one, and it must be with her consent", his voice full of determination, as his gaze once more slid over the woman stood silent and proud before him, before he smiled, a smile completely devoid of warmth or humour. "So please take a moment to discuss it with your daughter Lord Palmer, and I'm sure the irony will not be lost on you." With that he once more moved to sit behind the desk, once more hidden in the shadows.
For a second the older man stood in shock, before he pulled his daughter over to him. "What is he talking about?", she asked in confusion, seeing the hard look on her father's face, impotent rage deep within his cold eyes, his words spat out.
"It would seem we have a choice, either you agree to bed him, or we all die."
Elizabeth paled, her legs suddenly feeling so weak she thought they would surely buckle under her. "What?", all she could manage, the shock evident on her beautiful face. "What do I do?", she beseeched her father, seeing as he looked away, his eyes not able to meet hers.
"There is only one thing you can do", he finally answered, a note of loathing in his voice. "You must lie with him."
Shocked and stunned she stood silent for a few seconds, unable to speak, her mouth dry before she felt the small tears rise to her eyes. "But father... "
His voice, harsh and cruel silenced her, "There is no other way. The only other option is death... All of our deaths including those men on the deck - is that what you want?", he hissed angrily.
Elizabeth reacted to that tone in the way she had her whole life. She closed down her emotions, her face becoming inscrutable, calm as she looked back at her father, replying, "No Sir", before she moved to stand beside the desk. "I agree."
The man's voice from the shadows softly questioned, "Of your own free will and volition?"
Stood as proudly as she could, she nodded her head again, "Yes, of my own free will", the words sticking in her throat at the falseness of them.

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