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My Son

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Marc De Santo stared silently at the woman in front of him. His insides clenched so tight with anger and yes the cold hard steel of jealousy too. He had never wanted a woman more, and she was shamelessly flaunting another man before him. At that moment he wanted to go over there and shake her and make her look at HIM. The icy anger spreading throughout his whole body as he had tried hard to control the feelings and thoughts all churning deep within him
"Well, well" he had said in a low dangerous voice
"Haven't we been a busy girl?"
Kelly, her heart beating fast in her chest had made to walk past him
"I don't know what you mean" she said dismissively "Goodnight Marc"
But in one swift move Marc had placed the whiskey drink he held in his hand down on a nearby table, causing the ice cubes to clink noisily in the crystal glass, and caught her arm as she had tried to make her way past him
"I think you do" he said silkily. His voice low and even, but somehow dangerous
"But why settle for the boy" he continued "when you could have the man"
Kelly had tried to pull her arm free from him
"Let me go Marc" she said angrily "You're drunk"
As he had tutted softly, his eyes had flashed with such a fire
"No, no" he chided her "no I'm very sober thank you"
With that he had pulled her into his arms encircling her small waist with a pincer grip so that no matter how she strained against him she could not escape.
"What do you want" she had cried through clenched teeth.
"Perhaps some of what he was getting" Marc replied huskily
When Kelly Brown's cousin and friend Trudy is killed, she is left as the guardian to the son she has looked after his whole life. However, there is the father, the playboy Marc De Santo to consider, although he has never cared about his son, or so she thought, until the day he turns up at her doorstep declaring ignorance of Max, and demanding him. When he asks her to join Max at his Spanish home, Kelly grasps at the only opportunity to keep the child in her life and makes the move. However, despite knowing Marc's reputation can she stop herself falling in love with the enigmatic man knowing that to do so would result in her losing her son.

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