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The Heart of the Falcon

(The third book in the Guardian Maidens series)
A novel by

My name is Ronin. This is the third book of my life as an Adventurer Monk. So far, I've made a name for myself locally and established a house with wonderful mates. Today, the 311-year-old Elf-Woman, The White Falcon, appeared and says that she will join us. She was a surprise. 311 looks good on a strong-blooded Elf. This should be an adventure in itself.
The Kobold Cave is empty... of Kobolds. I expect even more dangerous creatures are waiting for us deeper in. I intend to take my beautiful, highly sexual spouses, and explore it. At least four of us, and possibly five now, are Adventurers. Brenda and Alice will stay home. I know that the real Adventure will be learning to live as one, learning what love is for us, and healing each other as we grow.
I make it sound like we're some ruthless death machine, and when the situation requires it, we can be. But I would rather make people's lives better and happier, laughing and caring and being generous with my neighbors. The girls like to be loved, and so do I. We have a lot to learn, both as Adventurers and as lovers.
My war with the Kobolds is over. For a few days, we'll laugh and visit with friends, and tell jokes, and wear comfortable clothing, and wake up in a nice bed after a day of swimming at the river or in some spring. And then, we'll go deeper into the caverns.
Warning... or perhaps enticements: The story of Ronin's Adventures are filled with monsters, killing, bandits, martial arts, philosophy, magic, elves, mating rituals, emotional turmoil and baggage and past wounding... and a lot of sex and casual nudity. Ronin's clan has a tradition of having more than one mate, so that's where the sex comes into it. His story doesn't shy away from the details of any of it. It's an adventure story for mature adults. A vicarious romp with heroes, elves, nymphs, and pixies. Maybe you will enjoy it. Writing it was certainly a lot of fun.
This is BOOK 3.

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