book cover of Big Booze Boss

Big Booze Boss

(The second book in the Such A Boss series)
A novel by

The locals call Blaze Malone —Big Booze Boss. The world knows him as an inked Pro Baseball All-Star with a bad-boy reputation. He's the groom’s brother. And my unexpected and unwelcome cabin roomie in the Montana boonies.

I did know that being Jenny's best friend was cryptic to meltdown prevention. But I didn’t know my bridesmaid responsibilities would extend to assisting her wedding planner by going to the Montana boonies to personally oversee the logistics.

But I'll do whatever it takes for the sweetest girl in the world's dream wedding to go off without a hitch.

Even if the remote, rustic ranch ends up belonging to the groom's younger brother, Blaze Malone, the boy I grew up pretending I wasn't attracted to, the inked Pro Baseball All-Star with a bad-boy reputation, who is here nursing an injury.

Even if I'm not prepared for one bed in the cabin. Or his shirtless habit that makes me drool. Or that he's bottle-feeding an orphaned foal. Or that he pushes my 'on' button effortlessly. Or the reality that this forced proximity is proving to be too much for even me.

Regardless though, my personal drama is crucial to keep hidden from the bride.
As far as she knows, I'm here. Handling everything. Nothing is amiss. No worries!

So why is she still on the verge of a meltdown?

I have no idea what’s up with my bestie, but when I find out, everything changes.

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