book cover of When the Farmer Met the City Girl

When the Farmer Met the City Girl

A Novella by

Bianca thought she was saving time by taking a shortcut down the country dirt road, but when she accidentally gets lost and ends up a hundred miles from civilization, she has two options: freeze to death in her car. Or spend the night with Dusty, the shy, giant farmer who offers her assistance.

Dusty can't believe his weary eyes when he sees the angel stranded in front of his farm. She's the most beautiful woman he's ever encountered—that's how he knows he can't have her. No, sir. She's too far out of his league. But this angel proves merciful, because much to his disbelief, she ends up in his arms. In his bed.

Bianca plans to leave in the morning to return to the city, but now that Dusty has tasted heaven, letting her go will prove impossible...and this farmer will go to any length to keep his angel on the farm where she belongs.

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