book cover of French Kiss

French Kiss

A novel by

Architect Nicole Lesdaux has been hired to create a tree house for hunky producer Johnny Patrick's little girl. Nicky has an unlimited budget - but she might have agreed to work for free if it meant being within touching distance of People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive."

Mixing business with pleasure is taboo though so she focuses on making this mogul the Taj Mahal of tree houses. Until Johnny's ex-wife takes off for Paris with their daughter...

Since Nicky speaks the language, a desperate Johnny asks her to help. En route, sexual tensions run high. Nerves, adrenalin, too close quarters in the private jet. There. An explanation they both can live with.

But once his daughter is safely returned, everyone has a chance to relax at Johnny's villa in Nice.

And Nicky discovers that Johnny knows some French after all.

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