book cover of An Indecent Desire

An Indecent Desire

(The fifth book in the Indecent series)
A novel by

One stolen mob princess. Two men who will stop at nothing to get her back.

As the daughter of Russian mob royalty, Risa lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia society. True friends are hard to find. Women ignore her unless they want her money. Men pursue her for her ice-queen looks and her father's favor. She might as well be a born-again virgin, since the only two men she desires want nothing to do with her and one-night stands have lost their appeal.

When a new friend invites her out for a night, Risa jumps at the chance to unwind and have a few drinks somewhere no one knows her. She enjoys the company and the drinks but doesn't realize someone is lying in wait...

Kidnapped and put up for auction to the highest bidder, Risa needs a hero. She gets two.

Gens has wanted Risa for years. But her father took him in after his parents were murdered and Gens owes him everything. He's buried his love for Risa behind brotherly affection.

Tony left behind the Philadelphia underworld when he became a cop and moved west. But after a shocking betrayal, he returns to Philadelphia disgraced and unemployable. Until his boyhood friend Gens gets him a job as a bodyguard...and Tony falls hard for his employer's daughter.

And when they have her, Gens will give her whatever she wants to help her heal...even if that means pushing her into the arms of his best friend. But Risa wants them both. And she's not going to take no for an answer.