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Elle Saint James' Special Menage Collection

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In Bloodbond Prophecy, librarian Madelyn Walters never expected to marry, until she fell instantly in love with two new Spellbound, North Dakota, residents, Kade Torrente and Herrick Valais. They are shape-shifters, but she's cursed. They try to convince her to bond permanently with them, but Madelyn fights the temptation. Will her secrets ruin their solitary chance to mate?

In Bride of the Furies, an arrow attack against her cattle ranch puts owner Alicia Tanner into the path of Drekar and Taghan, her survivalist neighbors and leaders of a stranded alien legion. Simply trying to exist privately on Earth, the warriors recognize her instantly as the mate they never expected, as mysterious dark forces threaten the trio's newfound bliss.

In Sexual Memory, Jeremy Cahill will stop at nothing to find his missing love, Angelica Brice. Not even crossing into the Forbidden Zone to retrieve her prevents his illegal search. Not even if she can't remember him or what they mean to each other. Not even if she also loves William, who's saved her repeatedly in mortal combat. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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