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Night Fire

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From The Ashes . . . It's always been Hayley McKeon's secret passion to make it as a jeweler, to take a perfect stone and create a beautiful work of art. Single again and ready for a change, Hayley decides to abandon the ashes of her old life and embrace her dream. Comes The Spark . . . Strolling along the aisles of a gem show, Hayley is drawn to a stunning display of rare black opals. She is seduced by the smoothness of the stones and by the mesmerizing swirl of color within their depths. Then she meets Mazati, the owner of the opals, and she is shaken by the intense spark of passion she feels for this mysterious man. Of Red-Hot Desire . . . The moment Hayley touches Mazati, her body quivers with need. Incredibly aroused, she allows him to run his hands over her body, rake his fingers through her hair, and possess her in a deep, penetrating kiss. Suddenly reality slides away as she imagines the ultimate surrender, bound in place, completely naked, and aching for release . . . a slave to sweet, sexual desire.

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