book cover of His Purchase

His Purchase

(The first book in the Society series)
A novel by

Vonna Harper is an Amazon top 100 erotic romance writer.

Alia is an Other, a woman with secrets and few rights in a dark world controlled by The Society.
Kade is an Elite, a wealthy, powerful man who knows how to get the ultimate performance from Alia. Whatever it takes, he will bring his sexy, strong-headed acquisition into line.
When she defies him, Kade repeatedly applies his large hand to her bare bottom until it burns and she's reduced to tears. Until she can't fight her erotic reaction.
The next time she defies him, she refuses to explain why. He commands her to strip naked and submit to another harsh spanking. As if that isn't enough, she has no choice but to let him place a butt plug inside her.
Alia wants to hate Kade for doing these shameful things to her, but his firm handling arouses her in ways she can't deny or resist.
It will take all her resolve not to admit her deepest secret to this man who owns her.

This book is intended for mature readers. It includes several spanking scenes.