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Carnal Slave

A novel by

Willow Widen opens her front door expecting to see her ex-boyfriend Mitch. He must have heard she's been fired and has come to offer the support she desperately needs. Instead, a commanding stranger overpowers her. She's gagged, tied up, and robbed of sight.

Everything changes.

Unknown to Willow, she has been targeted to be taught, trained, and then sold. The job has gone to Damek, an experienced Carnal Incorporated operative. Based on what he knows of the latest subject, the lovely but insecure young woman will be easy to mold. She's a natural submissive.

Willow's will becomes everything. She vows to survive the training.

Or will she?

Master Damek has his own agenda - and tested methods for molding his captive.

Full length, Carnal Slave taps into readers' fantasies about surrendering control. Needless to say this is fiction.