book cover of Carnal Lesson

Carnal Lesson

A novel by

A dark thriller.

Someone has plans for Chari Maitland, a man determined to become the beautiful young woman's master. It's time for her to face the consequences of believing she's in charge. First on the agenda is arranging for her abduction which those who run Carnal Incorporated are well known for. It's part of their service.

Cheri becomes a Carnal Incorporated captive held at a secure, remote location. Forced lesson by forced lesson, she's pulled into a dark way of life until she fully comprehends what it is to be trained for sex. This isn't one of the submissive fantasies she's long indulged in. It's harsh, inescapable reality.

Will she embrace her new existence, not that she has a choice? And even if she does, can she accept the truth about who is behind her transformation?

Carnal Lesson taps into many women's fantasies about giving up control. That's the key word, fantasy. In no way does Vonna condone such behavior in the real world.
This story is for mature readers. It explores issues some readers won't be comfortable with and should pass on.