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My Fling with Betty Page

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MY FLING WITH BETTY PAGE: Imagine a world where the Japanese retaliate in the 1940s by dropping their own twin A-bombs on Los Angeles and San Diego. Welcome to The Bubble: a self-contained universe created by that blast known as Los Diegos, where everything is five minutes away, no one ages, and no one dies. Imagine you're a private eye hired to find the rare Betty Page stamp, but stumbling on the truth of reality, and the interdimensional aliens who wish to destroy it. A response to Alfred Jarry's final and unpublished novel of pataphysics, My Fling With Betty Page asks the question: "Do you ever feel that somewhere, somehow, a duck is secretly watching you?" and even gives the answer. YELLOW #10: Meet twin sisters Susan and Sharon, extracted straight out of Disney's The Parent Trap (itself extracted from German children's author Erich Kastner's Das Doppelte Lottchen). Unlike Disney's series of self-congratulatingly "uproarious" sequels starring Hayley Mills, Yellow #10 catches those rascally Baby Boomer twins full in the throes of a 1990s-style adolescent identity crisis, where anti-depressants, confessional poetry, cry-for-help suicides, and the constipated rhythms of pre-teen sex are set to the sticky-sweet backbeat of pre-millennial pop music.

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