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Brac Pack Collection, Volume 2

(A book in the Brac Pack series)
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In Oliver's Heart, Micah Barak rescued his mate from an abusive father, but Oliver was too damaged and young to claim. As Oliver continually lashed out at everyone around him, Micah did his best to protect him and help him heal. Now eighteen, lonely, and desperate, Oliver is trying to let go of his anger and hatred. He yearns for Micah's heart and body, but can he truly open himself up to love? One night, they are run off the road while driving home by wolves out to kill Oliver for thwarting the violent attacks of the Eastern pack's ex-alpha, Jackson. Oliver is now the target of rogues who have no sense of playing by the rules. Will Micah finally claim Oliver--if he can keep him alive--or has Oliver's heart become too hardened and bitter? In Keata's Promise, Keata Kia was kidnapped from Japan along with his cousin and three other young men. Struggling to make a home in America, Keata discovers that the men who took him in are wolf shifters--and one of them is his mate. Unfortunately, Keata's mate has refused to claim him. But if Keata remains unclaimed, there are plenty of eager wolves ready to step in and teach the innocent human a thing or two about making love. However, when Keata is suddenly kidnapped by the prince of vampires, Keata's mate goes crazy, ready to kill every vampire in the area. But plans change when it is discovered that Keata has a secret, one that has everyone scrambling to save his life. In George's Turn, George has had enough of men and his old life. As a cowboy, he'd been run off enough ranches for being gay. So, in his new life as a diner cook, he's more than happy to play it straight. Ladies love his cowboy swagger, and he loves his job and apartment. Everything seems to be going well...until his eyes land on the most gorgeous man he's ever seen. Tank longs for a mate of his own to hold at night. And the moment he meets the new diner cook, he's smitten. But flowers and candlelight dinners don't seem to be enough to convince George that giving himself to Tank doesn't mean giving up his manhood. When vampires suddenly attack George, Tank must help care for him. Will George finally realize that the strongest love just might be between two strong men? In Loco's Love, Loco Remeere lets Cecil, the Alpha's mate, talk him into helping with another harebrained scheme, but this time Cecil's adventure leads Loco right to his own mate. Tangee Highland works two jobs to survive. He doesn't have time for dating. Rushing in late as usual to his job at the tattoo parlor, he stops dead in his tracks at the sight of a gorgeous, silver-haired man. Despite his better judgement, Tangee quickly indulges his desire for Loco's touch, but mating for life is a little too intense for a first date. He denies Loco their mating, insisting they take things slowly. But then Tangee's mother is in a car accident and the responsibility for his five-year-old sister now lies with him. Will Loco still want him with a kid sister on his hip? Or has Tangee already voided the claiming? In Lewis's Dream, Detective Lewis Keating has had enough of cheating men. To make matters worse, when a crooked cop steals a stack of files, it's Lewis's job to try and close out the ones he can. Evan Triamade has been a control freak since childhood, and his wolf quickly loses control when his aloof mate suddenly shows up at his door to question him about an assault that supposedly happened months ago. Their relationship is volatile from the start, and Evan's alpha forbids him from seeing Lewis until they can settle their differences. But Evan discovers that convincing his mate not all men are cheaters is harder than he imagined and, to top it all off, Lewis has a drinking problem. Lewis thought living among humans was hard, but living in a world of paranormal creatures tests his very sanity. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

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May 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Brac Pack Collection, Volume 2 [Box Set 82] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
Author(s): Lynn Hagen
Publisher: Siren Publishing
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