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Lovehoney Erotic Fiction

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Enjoy romance and eroticism together with this anthology of ten short and very hot stories selected and edited by Lovehoney.

Features 10 short erotic stories:

1. Take Your Partner by Blacksilk
Tango is the dance of love, and when our newly single heroine finds herself dancing with the boyish Georgie at her weekly class, she definitely feels some strong emotions. (FF)

2. Delice de Chocolat by Viva Jones
For her 35th birthday, Shelley's friends treat her to a chocolate cooking class with sexy French chef Laurent de Villier. When the heat rises in the kitchen, she receives a different kind of lesson... (MF)

3. I Promise to... Please by Lily Harlem
Cassie and Jake have slipped into the routine of boring married sex - but that all changes when Cassie finds a booklet of sexual vouchers. She presents one to Jake in the hope that it will reawaken some of their desire. (MF)

4. In Control by Hope Willowbrook
Jenna and Blake's relationship has come to a standstill. Egged on by her crazy friend Helen, Jenna does some research and experiments with being a dominatrix. (MF)

5. I Don't Do This by G C Carmine
Chris and Jack have been friends for years, but never like this. This heartwarming tale follows them as they take their relationship to a new level. (MM)

6. Paris by Moonlight by Justine Elyot
A stranger in a new city spots a gorgeous local who takes her out for a night of very risque, very public naughtiness. (MF)

7. I Promise to... Surrender by Lily Harlem
Working through their sex vouchers, Cassie is delighted to find Jake expressing a more dominant side. When Jake presents her with a voucher, Cassie is fascinated with the idea of going 'over the knee'. (MF)

8. The Princess and the G-Spot by Neneh Gordon
A sexy take on the traditional fairy tale. A disgruntled princess arrives back to her bedchamber to find a gift from a handsome but arrogant suitor, determined to woo her. (MF)

9. I Promise to... Perform by Lily Harlem
Emboldened by their recent experimentations, Jake and Cassie act out another sexual fantasy... to the world. (MF)

10. Robot with Green Eyes by L A Meadows
In a world where robots are highly developed and used for everyday tasks, Anna is thrilled to finally own one of her own. Little does she realise, this particular robot has a very specific set of skills. (F/Robot)

Kindle Editions

November 2012 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Lovehoney Erotic Fiction: Take Your Partner and Other Tales of Seduction
Author(s): Neneh Gordon, Lily Harlem, Justine Elyot, Viva Jones, G C Carmine, Blacksilk, Hope Willowbrook, L A Meadows
Publisher: Lovehoney
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   Amazon AU