book cover of Moonlight and Shadows

Moonlight and Shadows

A collection of stories by

Tooth and Claw by Annmarie McKenna - Half vampire, half jaguar, Seth has found a mate-a detective whose lover was killed by a rogue vampire. Paxton wants nothing to do with a bloodsucker, but partnered with Seth on a case, she's forced to reconsider. Especially when his kitty comes out to play... Trust the Moon by Jamie Craig - A new face in a small shifter town doesn't go unnoticed. Gena has a face Dylan won't soon forget, especially after a scorching encounter. Since her father's murder, Gena has no use for civilization's constraints or rules. Dylan's just a way to scratch an itch. But he's an itch one scratch won't satisfy. Twice the Night by Dawn Halliday - After vampires murdered her husband, Duncan, it took Tamara four years to learn to be happy again. As she's on the verge of marrying his best friend, Duncan appears-and he wants her back. Worse, he's become the very thing she fears: a vampire. Now what? Retreat into her shell? Or step boldly into the arms of two men who love her?

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