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Honeymoon With The Prince

A Novella by

His mousy temptress is pure, innocent, and untouched. But not for long...

Markellan Bran, the brutishly handsome Prince of Kentigen, is used to taking what he wants, and what he wants from first sight is the plain, simple, and American Violet Havisham for his wife. He sees what most don't when he looks at her - a curvy angel hiding an inner vixen. One who's hot as sin and a woman complex and challenging enough to be his bride. He is confident that he can conquer anything - and Violet's heart is next.

Violet Havisham finds everything about the brash, nearly uncivilized prince unsettling. She's recently left the monastery and craves a quiet life. Falling for a devil of man like Prince Markellan would be a royal mistake. He's too big, too brutish, and too darkly sensual for her. He says he wants to give her the one thing she left the cloister for - a baby. But surely she'd be better off adopting than taking her chances with a reckless, dangerous beast.

In his culture, the honeymoon comes before the wedding, and the bridegroom must convince the bride to marry him based on his honeymoon "performance." So Prince Markellan makes her a deal - give him one week to satisfy her every need, and if she can walk away, he'll let her go.

Author confession: If she can walk at all after a week in his palace, it will be a miracle. If you know what I mean. Did I mention that Prince Markellan's country is a fertility culture that worships women and all things carnal? The men there spend years learning the arts of pleasing and caring for their women. And you know he's not going to let her go with his royal baby in her belly. If you're looking for a BBW heroine, a royal hero, beastly alpha dirty talk, and opposites attract in an instalove minute, you're in the right place. It wouldn't be a Brill Harper book if it wasn't as sweet as it is filthy.

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