book cover of Bucked


(The eighth book in the Blue Collar Bad Boys series)
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Save a horse...

Ruby Grant is dead-broke when she wins an all-inclusive vacation to Paradise Hotel in Wyoming. She can't wait to sip expensive champagne while lounging in a bathtub full of bubbles. To her horror, she discovers "Paradise" is actually Pair-A-Dice Ranch and nothing like the brochure. She's ready to hop on the next plane back to LA, but sexy cowboy Dusty Cassidy offers her an irresistible deal if she'll stay. This may not be the vacation she envisioned, but Dusty is just the man for her needs--whether he knows it or not, he's going to be her first lover.

Ride a cowboy...

Dusty can't decide if Ruby is an angel in white or the daughter of the devil. Her curves are so dangerously sexy they should be outlawed. All his time and energy belongs to the ranch, so he definitely doesn't need a pretty little city girl tempting him away from his chores. Fortunately, she'll only be on the ranch for a week, so he won't have to worry about any expectations. But when her vacation comes to an end, will he be able to let her go?

Author's confession: Yeehaw! You know by now that I love my tropes. If you love cowboys, Dusty is going to steal your freaking heart faster than he steals Ruby's virginity. If you're tired of billionaires and want a real man hero, this book is for you. It doesn't hurt that, like all my bad boy heroes, he's really a gooey alphamallow on the inside. (If you're one of my "safe read" lovers, you can rest easy. No other woman drama here.)

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