book cover of All at Once

All at Once

(The second book in the It's Complicated series)
A novel by

Her summer of raw emotion and unbridled passion...

Bliss Camden didn't know what she was signing up for when the employment agency sent her to the Wylder Colt Ranch as a live-in housekeeper for best friends and ranch owners, Levi Colt and Wylder Madison. The two rough, ready, and wild cowboys make her feel things she's never felt before...things she shouldn't feel about her employers. Wicked things.

Things they want to teach her all about.

It's wrong. It's primal. It's delicious.

She's not experienced enough to deal with one dominating cowboy, much less two. Besides, they'd never look twice at a frumpy wallflower like her...would they?

Author Confession: I see you, reader. I know what you want. Alphamallow heroes and awkward, nerdy heroines. It's a ranch, so there might be roping, riding, and wrangling. Ahem. And the swords. They touch.

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