book cover of Bartering the Sex Slave\'s Freedom

Bartering the Sex Slave's Freedom

(The fourth book in the Initiation 3 series)
A Novella by

Pretty American college student, Gina Wesley, her billionaire boyfriend, Max, and her other erstwhile suitor, Greg, have been caught trying to escape from the dictator's clutches in the strange land of Ursk.

Gina will now use all her feminine wiles to tempt the guards into letting them go. Can she find a way out for herself and her friends, or must she succumb to the dictator's final punishment?

This 12000 word BDSM novelette is the final volume of 'The Initiation 3' series. 'The Initiation 1' and 'The Initiation 2' have been in the Amazon US Top 2 Erotica and Top 30 Romance bestseller charts. The series has sold well over 210,000 copies.


THE INITIATION: Open Your Legs for Me, Blindfolded and Spread-eagled, Thighs Wide Apart, Teacher, Please Spread my Pussy, The Final Initiation, The Initiation: A Bundle of 5 Stories
THE INITIATION 2: Open Your Legs for my Family, Bend Over for my Family, Publicly Display Yourself for Me, Sex Slave at Sea, Paraded before the Billionaires, Sex Slave at the Auction 

THE INITIATION 3: Sex Slave to the Dictator, Shackled by the Dictator, Punished by the Dictator's Daughter, Bartering the Sex Slave's Freedom 

THE ALICE BDSM SERIES: Alice: Opening my Legs at your Wedding, Alice: Slave at the Farm, Alice: Slave at the Marketplace, Alice: Slave at the Castle, Alice: Slave's Final Revenge


The guard on my right takes a strand of my hair and twirls it around his finger and thumb. I glance at him, smiling encouragingly. He is the same guard who has inspected me so lasciviously when I was taking a piss.

I know what I will see on his face - lust, opportunity.

It doesn't matter. I don't have many cards left, and I will play every one of them until the final hour.

I keep my eyes trained on the road and landscape in front of me, not blinking. The sun is very bright, and my eyes water. There are very few people on this road, but I can see them toiling in the fields a distance away, their wide-brimmed hats shielding them from the sun. Cows and sheep dot the countryside. The scent of animals and manure waft in.

The guard's hand strays to my lap. He starts to stroke my thigh - all the way down from my hip to my kneecap.

I hold my breath. Yes, that's right, I will him. Desire me. I am always ready to be fucked at the drop of a hat.

The guard is saying something to the driver, and from their tone and lewd looks - which I surreptitiously discern out of the corner of my eye - they are speaking about me. His stroking continues, as lazily as a cat's tail, except that his groping and prodding are getting more restless. His fingers brush against the shoal of my pubis. He gets more adventurous, dipping further and kneading my mons and the top of my clit.

The driver laughs.

I am aroused despite myself, because his ministrations are very careful and enticing. My clit fills with blood. I can literally feel the wrinkled skin getting turgid and warm. He senses this, and accelerates his sly rubbing of my clit. I squirm in consternation. His other hand steadies my hip.

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Title: Bartering the Slave's Freedom (The Initiation 3 Book 4)
Author(s): Aphrodite Hunt
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