book cover of Alice: Slave at the Farm

Alice: Slave at the Farm

(The second book in the Alice BDSM series)
A Novella by

Alice Devlin is in serious trouble. To punish her for ruining her brother Max's wedding, her father has made a pact with a handsome English dom to chastise her.

Alice is taken to England, where she is the latest addition to a strange 'farm' filled with beautiful and naked men and women. There are the mysterious 'rabbits', 'hens', 'horses' and 'cows' - all of whom must play their respective submissive roles at the farm.

Which part will Alice play, and will her explosive temperament allow her to submit to what must be done to her nubile and untamed body?

This 11000 word BDSM novelette is the second volume of the 'Alice BDSM' series. Alice Devlin is a standout Machiavellian character from 'The Initiation 2' and 'The Initiation 3' series, which have sold well over 210,000 copies.


THE INITIATION: Open Your Legs for Me, Blindfolded and Spread-eagled, Thighs Wide Apart, Teacher, Please Spread my Pussy, The Final Initiation, The Initiation: A Bundle of 5 Stories

THE INITIATION 2: Open Your Legs for my Family, Bend Over for my Family, Publicly Display Yourself for Me, Sex Slave at Sea, Paraded before the Billionaires, Sex Slave at the Auction

THE INITIATION 3: Sex Slave to the Dictator, Shackled by the Dictator, Punished by the Dictator's Daughter, Bartering the Sex Slave's Freedom

THE ALICE BDSM SERIES: Alice: Opening my Legs at your Wedding, Alice: Slave at the Farm, Alice: Slave at the Marketplace, Alice: Slave at the Castle, Alice: Slave's Final Revenge (NEW!)

Mouse gets out of the back passenger door first and comes around to open the door for me. It is not out of chivalry but sheer necessity, since my wrists are tied behind my back. He helps me out, laying his hand on my head so that I do not bump my skull against the top of the car.

I straighten myself out in the morning light, blinking. The sun suddenly seems too bright. The weather is not too cold with just a tiny bite in the breeze. I still have my cloak on and Mouse removes this off my shoulders. My feet are bare and my soles squelch upon the gravel road.

My skin mottles with goose bumps as my nakedness is revealed. Mouse examines my breasts and shaven pubis with a cursory glance, and then shifts his attention to the fenced pastures before us. I don't blame him because the sight that greets us is quite bizarre.

The pasture nearest to us is ringed off with a low wooden fence, and you can quite obviously see what is going on in there. There are about twenty women perched on the grass, all naked. They are on all fours like animals, and they are hopping on their palms and soles from one place to the next like rabbits. The girls are all young, beautiful and diverse in their coloring.

There are those with skins as pale as mine and others with complexions that range from a golden bronze to a lovely mocha. Their breasts are all nicely shaped and their pussies shaven. Their ears are all done up with fake white rabbit ears, and their asses wear fluffy white bunny tails which are probably secured to their bodies via dildos inside their assholes.

A female minder is in their midst. She is the only one who is partially dressed, and she resembles a Valkyrie. She wears a tight-fitting corset with bra cups to raise her plump breasts and a black leather skirt that catches the sun's rays. She practically gleams in her leather getup. Her legs are shod in knee-high boots and she carries a wicked-looking cane.

My insides contract. What my father has subjected me to?

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