book cover of Munch


The Tale of an Oral Sex Addict
(The first book in the Munch series)
A novel by

Owen Jenkins aka Munch has a sexual fetish that began when he was a teenager. After the family housekeeper introduces him to the pleasure of cunnilingus, Munch develops a compulsion to give oral sex to total strangers. His insatiable desire to taste the various flavors of numerous women often leads to heartbreak as Munch confuses sex with love. Compounding his problems, his overbearing stepmother strongly disapproves of his oral obsession, and she dispenses unusual punishments to try and break him out of the habit. As the years progress, Munch’s oral sex addiction intensifies and he often goes on pussy-eating binges. Can Munch find true love with one woman or will he always be on the hunt to satisfy his taste buds?

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