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The Host

A novel by

Host: A human being who unknowingly provides lodging to an invading spirit.

When a young nurse identifies with a patient a strange bond forms between them - a bond that might prove to be deadly if the patient has her way.

Imani Pollard is in a new relationship with Logan, a rare good guy who doesn't play games. Things are off to a promising start and Imani thinks that wedding bells could be in the near future. However, a string of eerie occurrences cause her to believe that a wayward spirit is not only haunting her, but is also competing for the love of her man. If her suspicions are true and she's dealing with an ethereal being, then she's in way over her head. And if she's wrong and the voices that she hears are merely in her head, then she has to face the sad truth that she's mentally disturbed, just like her father.