book cover of Alicia


(The first book in the Fantasy Heat series)
A novel by

It’s hard to study for college finals when you’re heart has just been broken via a text message, but with a little help from some good ganja, Alicia Maxwell tries her best to focus. But her studies are interrupted when she sees a blur of white fur that leads her down a rabbit hole and to a wonderland where nothing seems to make sense.

Initially she’s desperate to find her way back home, but becomes intrigued when she meets Ibrahim, a mysterious and fiercely handsome man with treacherous enemies—namely the evil queen, Vonetta and her ruthless army. Her mind tells her she should flee this strange and violent land, but after enjoying a night of hedonistic pleasure with the sensuous mystery man, she’s hooked and couldn’t leave Ibrahim if she tried.

She tells herself that she only needs one more night of red hot passion before she returns to her boring life, and she eagerly accompanies Ibrahim on a journey that’s both dangerous and enchanting.

Will Alicia find her way out of wonderland or is she trapped forever in a land where magic, mayhem, and debauchery is as normal as the air she breathes?

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