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Capturing Jeron

A Novella by

[Warning: CAPTURING JERON is a HOT, EROTIC mercenary novel set in the future. Not for the faint of heart!]

Bounty hunting isn't just a job - it's a lifestyle.

Mina "the Mean" takes the case to bring in the infamous space captain, Jeron Krutchner, never thinking she'll lose her heart in the process. After a wickedly hot encounter to seduce Jeron, Mina captures the dangerous captain and brings him aboard her ship.

After a haunting night of craving Jeron's hot lips and strong touch, Mina awakens to find her captor on top of her. He has turned the tables on her and she is now a prisoner on her own ship. Using her own erotic pleasures against her, Jeron slowly breaks down her defenses until her body craves his touch like her next breath. Though, when she fears she starts to lose her heart to the sexy space captain, Mina does the only thing she can think of and runs.

Now Jeron is on a mission. A mission to get what is his back. He will stop at nothing, and once he finds her, he will exact delicious, erotic punishments until she begs for mercy.

Excerpt (Warning: contains explicit content!)

"Do you have any idea what you're doing," he asked darkly, his eyes travelling over her body with the aching slowness of a falling feather. His voice was a deep and a little raw, and it tweaked something deep inside her that made her breath uneven and goosebumps spread over her skin like little pleasure bubbles.

She leaned forward until they were face to face. His hand tightened hard on his beer. The warmth of his breath fell over her lips, tightening her nipples into hard little points. She was close to panting and he hadn't even touched her. She wet her lips with the point of her tongue, and his eyes followed the movement and darkened with barely-restrained need.

Leaning in slowly, giving him enough time to pull away, Mina grabbed his bottom lip with her teeth and pulled on it. She let go quickly and licked the bitten spot. She felt his labored breath and it took everything in her not to straddle him in that moment.

"If you don't stop now, little lady, I'm going to take you into that back room and fuck you like some common whore. And you don't look like a whore. Is that really what you want," he asked, leaning into her so that she could feel his heat.

She nodded, though she didn't recall telling her body to do it. But it was fine, more than fine, because a second later, she was tossed over his strong shoulders and he was taking her to do just what he promised.

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