book cover of Fated Magic

Fated Magic

(The second book in the Wolf Pack series)
A novel by

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may find offensive. Contains sexually explicit content. Menage MFM. In Book 2 of the Wolf Pack series: Kit Wolf's magic skills are both a blessing and a curse, and it doesn't look as if her life is going to become more ordered anytime soon. Between a wild and wacky Granny whose wardrobe would embarrass a Shriner, a mother with an aversion to having her picture taken that borders on a DSM-IV diagnosis, and a demon trying to recruit her, Kit barely has enough focus to care for herself, let alone her newborn twins. And with all this chaos swirling around her... what is befuddles her the most? Her sexually Dominate mates' newfound penchant for vanilla sex.
Pack Alphas, Jameson and Trevlon Wolf are treating their powerful mate like a piece of fragile crystal and Kit feels as if she's been set adrift. She can't seem to focus on anything but her search for the freedom their Dominance once brought her.
For Jameson and Trevlon Wolf, life has never been more complicated or more perfect. Finding their mate was only the beginning because babies, wild in-laws, an endangered teen, and revelations about the best friend and mentor have the two Alphas scrambling just to keep their chins above water. But magic has a way of pushing itself to the front, particularly when you are looking the other way - it links the present and the past in ways they never imagined.
A young wizard needing their protection quickly becomes a thread of gold weaving his way into their hearts and lives, but keeping him safe isn't going to be easy. His hidden connections to the Wolf Pack and their circle of friends seems to be a never-ending outward ripple. But the dark forces haven't hesitated in the past to kill anyone protecting Braden, so protecting him is an enormous risk. In the end, reclaiming their lost ground with their lovely submissive holds the keys to future of their pack - can Jameson and Trevlon give Kit the freedom she needs to secure the Pack's future?

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