book cover of The Wooden Sword

The Wooden Sword

(The first book in the Guardian Maidens series)
A novel by

I left my clan’s village a few days ago. I took nothing but the clothes that I wore, the wooden sword that I had carved myself, and a sharpened piece of flint. I didn’t have a cloak to sleep in until later, when I had worked enough to have a few coins buy one. In fact, I didn’t even have a name.

I was an Adventurer Monk, a novice, trained by my father and grandfather, but now on my own. My name and my fortune would come as I made them for myself. And that would start in the next thirty heartbeats.
My profession was to kill monsters, rescue damsels in distress, and protect the innocent from those who would oppress them. To be the hero. Right now, I was about to embark on rescuing my first damsel. She was in dire distress. She might not survive. But neither would the man about to murder her. He would never get the chance to take her life, but from the look of it, she had suffered life-threatening injuries already. I would revive and restore her if I could.

The man would die before he knew that I was there. The woman would survive if I could make it happen. If I myself was going to survive for longer than a month or so, I needed better weapons, better armor, and some companions to watch my back.

My father had both of my mothers on his Adventures. My grandfather had my three grandmothers with him. In many places, an Adventurer would band together with other men or women of the same profession and travel for a time, forming and dissolving partnerships as the situation seemed right to them. In the tradition of my clan, as Monks, I hoped for more lasting relationships with my companions. It would be rare to find both a mate and an Adventurer in the same woman, but if I did, I would be very happy.

This damsel wasn’t going to be like that. I would rescue her, heal her if I could, and then return her to her people. If they had a reward for me, it would be welcome, but if they did not, I would still be glad to have been of service to her.
My name would be Ronin. Over the years ahead I would probably face ruffians, rats, kobolds, orcs, and worse. My Adventures would be several volumes long, unless I died before they were written. But right now, I would deal with this murderer and his intended victim. He would be dead in five heartbeats. I hoped that the girl had more than that still left in her body. I didn’t even know what she looked like. I hadn’t given it much thought over the past few days, but now that I was considering her situation, I started to wonder about the pleasantries of mating and whether I would find at least one mate for myself before too long. I would never force myself upon any maiden, but if she found me attractive and offered herself as my lover, that might be nice.

That could wait. The man had two heartbeats left. It was time to strike.

Warning…or perhaps enticements: The story of Ronin’s Adventures are filled with monsters, killing, bandits, martial arts, philosophy, magic, elves, mating rituals, emotional turmoil and baggage and past wounding…and a lot of sex and casual nudity. Ronin’s clan has a tradition of having more than one mate, so that’s where the sex comes into it. His story doesn’t shy away from the graphic details of any of it. It’s an adventure story for mature adults. A vicarious romp with heroes, nymphs, and pixies. Maybe you will enjoy it. Writing it was certainly a lot of fun.

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