book cover of Vital Bond

Vital Bond

(The first book in the Delvers series)
A novel by

I'd been told it was maybe 10,000 years since the cataclysm. I was a Delver, trained to explore the ruins of civilization buried over time. I'd studied and trained hard. I felt prepared for pretty much anything. Except for what I actually found. She said she was Shakini. She was very much mostly dead when I found her. I found out that Shakini was what she was, not who she was. The old legends said that she was a demon. A vampiric being. It was closer to the truth to say she was just a really pretty girl addicted to love. She did nearly kill me while I struggled to save her that first few days, but that wasn't her fault. She wasn't trying to. She was literally starving to death and needed some living cellular material to come back to life. And given the nature of her needs, I didn't mind at all. And the Vital Bond that was formed was good for both of us. I was a Delver. She was a Monster Hunter. What better partner could I hope for? We felt prepared for pretty much anything. Except for what we actually found.

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