book cover of Tom vs. the Volcano God

Tom vs. the Volcano God

(The first book in the Sea Nymphs series)
A novel by

When I got home from work, there was a letter from my brother, Robby. Robert K. Jensen, international man of mystery. The letter was just as mysterious. It came with warnings and non-disclosures and descriptions of dire consequences if I didn't follow his directions to the letter. Accompanying the letter was a large shipping crate. And inside the crate was a portal to Wonderland.
I had no idea that afternoon that my life was about to change so radically. It had changed completely less than a year earlier when it seemed like everything that I had loved was taken away from me. But in this box was something that was a whole new life. Inside the box was Sarah: a non-organic artificially intelligent companion, designed and built by Robby. I didn't know what it all meant, but Sarah knew exactly what to do.
That was Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday, my whole life was different. It was as perfect as Sarah herself. And as she led me down the rabbit hole, I saw and did things that I could have never imagined. Sarah wasn't the only surprise. No, Sarah was my adventure guide. A decidedly sexy robotic adventure guide, to be sure, and she wasn't the only beauty on this adventure. There were days I laughed so hard that I nearly passed out; and other days that I loved so much that I actually did.
Robby is a man of mystery, but he sure knows how to give a nice gift when we wants to make your life something you can't imagine. Apparently, I'm supposed to rescue these damsels in distress from a volcano god, or something like that.

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