book cover of Starting a New Paige

Starting a New Paige

(The first book in the Girls on the Hill series)
A novel by

The recording went on, “You have met Page, she has accepted you as the Chosen One, you have had that first special kiss, and she has deemed you to be trustworthy. She has found herself to have no need to feel any reserve or modesty in your presence, and you have delivered her to a location of safety and comfort.
These were the conditions for the first trigger, and when they were completed, her ‘programming’ triggered her to open the first instructions, which you are reading and listening to now.
By ‘her programming’, I do not mean that Page is a robot or anything of that sort. Page has certain operant conditioning and vaguely remembered instructions that will kick in at certain points as you get to know each other.
Here is what you need to know at this point:
I am the ‘Old Page’; she is the ‘New Page’.

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