book cover of Shards of Separation

Shards of Separation

(The first book in the Zephyr Genesis series)
A novel by

Nancy was conflicted. Fragmented. We’d been working on it for years. And now, time was running short. We were getting old.
Replicated Rejuvenation Replacement, or R-3, took a person’s consciousness and transferred it to a new body that didn’t have a consciousness of its own. The idea was that the super-rich, or super-important, could have a new body cloned from themselves and grown to a young mature age and then be copied into it. That would give them another full lifespan.
The experimental team working on it, and having great success so far, was interested in Nancy because true Identity Dissociation was very rare. Nancy had done a lot of work and was aware of her other selves and the researchers thought that she could be a great candidate for a new field of study. What they wanted to do was to try separating each of Nancy’s selves into their own bodies. Integration wasn’t possible but perhaps separation was.
I asked her therapist, “Rochelle, how will that help? What will happen to Nancy? The um, real Nancy? I know that there isn’t one real Nancy and the others aren’t fake or whatever, but what happens to her?”
In the end, Nancy and I both agreed that we desperately wanted to try it.

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