book cover of Island Cultural Center

Island Cultural Center

(The second book in the Honest Attractions series)
A novel by

The first thing she said was, "I'm divorced."
The woman sat down near me there on the veranda overlooking the pool of the resort. She might have been in her fifties. Attractive. And apparently she was divorced. That was the thing that was most important to her at that moment. She had a story and I wanted to hear it. I was intrigued. I was a writer. She was a character in a new adventure if I accepted her. I could have ignored her. I could have left. I could have discouraged her from telling me more. But I didn't. I told her to tell me her story. Then I bought her a simple snack for breakfast. Then I invited her to take a shower in my room if she wanted to. She was at the resort but not registered and didn't have a room, though she had been there for several days, sleeping on the beach.
I was attracted to her. And by that I meant that there was a magnetic pull toward her. That's why she had come to me. She felt drawn to me. I very much wanted to find out what this adventure was leading to. But we'd have to be honest. I wasn't going to play games. And she could sense it.

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