book cover of The Enclave

The Enclave

(The first book in the Alex Mason and The Fluidians series)
A novel by

The governments started to crumble in 2073. There was no war. Just a collapse. I knew it was coming. I prepared. I collected a library of books - real, physical, paper books on subjects that I thought would be helpful. I found an abandoned military bunker for sale outside a small city in the wilderness. I didn’t bother to pay for it. I just moved in.
Right now, I was just entering the closest thing we had to a city within two days’ driving distance. There were a few small towns closer but nothing that would have what I needed. I was looking for one place in particular. A bell rang as I opened and closed the door.
A guy looked up from his counter and said grimly, “Can I help you? You look lost.”
I cocked my head slightly and said simply, “A Bot.” I kept my description short, “Domestic. Type-F. Or childcare or household maintenance.”
He said, “Yeah, OK. I got something. Come with me.”
I said, “I want salvage. Spares. Non-working units.”
I found one that was exactly what I wanted.
He said, “OK, fella. You don’t seem like an idiot, so I’ll take your money. If that’s what you’re into.”
I said, “If you find any more of this series, set them aside for me.”
When I left, I drove in the opposite direction from where I was actually headed.

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