book cover of Trickster


(The second book in the Finger Licking Monsters series)
A novel by

Loki cursed me. He kidnapped me. I won’t let him seduce me, too.

When Trickster curses me, my life shatters. I can’t work, can’t cook, can’t even touch my face or body. His perverted joke makes my existence unbearable. And when it seems like I’ve hit rock bottom, it gets even worse. My nemesis kidnaps me.
I am trapped in his military compound filled with supernatural soldiers, and Loki hounds my every step. He deceives me with words of affection, playing tricks on my mind and heart. I try to resist him… but it’s hard to look away.
The powerful god with a playful smile slithers into my heart like a snake. He burrows deeper and deeper with every seductive whisper, until I discover the hate I feel for him burns as hot as desire.
Soon, it becomes more than passion. After Loki saves my life more than once, fighting hellish beasts with his magic and wit, I am ready to accept his courtship.
But then it turns out his enemies are not the only monsters after me. Loki’s appearance is a lie. And even though he makes my heart beat like it’s in love, I will never give in to him again.

This is a paranormal romance novel with a HEA and adult content. It is a standalone. Each book in this monster romance series follows a different couple.

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