book cover of The Good Minotaur

The Good Minotaur

(The sixth book in the Library of Forbidden Pleasures series)
A Novella by

Lady Diana Brenton's carriage was ambushed by goblins. She fled into the forest only to find another monster lurking there. Gren the minotaur was bigger and more dangerous than any goblin, but his heart was pure.

Inspired by the not-so-bad minotaur of
Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles 11: Marked by the Minotaur, The Good Minotaur imagines a protective, forest-dwelling minotaur who rescues a beautiful noblewoman from grave danger.

Diana, saved from goblins and spared from unwanted noble marriage, is grateful to the gentle minotaur Gren. Her fears give way to attraction and the two form an unbreakable bond. This bond is gently tested by a lusty bunny girl and a nubile witch, but Diana and Gren enjoy exploring the attraction between beauty and the beast. Their forest cave is a hideaway from the prejudices and violence of the world and together they can make new rules governed by friendship and desire.

Will the relationship of Diana and Gren endure? Will they find pleasure, romance, and even make a future together? Can a minotaur mate with a human?
The Good Minotaur contains the answers!

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