book cover of Mr. Jingle

Mr. Jingle

(A book in the Monster Ever After series)
A novel by

The faint jingling of bells is the only warning she’ll get when he comes.

Mr. Jingle has been trapped for millennia, his only entertainment the faces flashing outside his prison, all as indifferent as snowflakes, all as cold.
Until her.
She captivates him. Her smile is as glorious as her tears. There has never been a more beautiful face, a more radiant personality, a more mesmerizing voice. She doesn’t know he watches, so she lets him see everything. Her naked body. Her unguarded soul.
And he burns with passion. He’s been trapped forever, cold and unused to affection, but for the beautiful woman who shines like his sun, he will break the walls of his prison.
Come Christmas Eve he’ll break out and claim her. Because even if she does not know him, he knows her… And all her darkest desires.

Expect tentacles, an abyss that gazes back, and a special Christmas flavor.

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