book cover of Grim


(A book in the Monster Ever After series)
A Novella by

When I’m hanging over a cliff and getting ready for death, the only way out is to promise the Grim Reaper anything he wants.
Because what’s a girl to do when her arms are going numb and she doesn’t want to become a pancake? Also, he is kind of gorgeous. I mean, apart from the terrifying skull he has instead of a head, his eye sockets filled with fire, his horns, and his prehensile tail.
When I fall to my death and Grim catches me to whisk me off to his lair, I am ready to look past the skull and the horns. But then, it turns out I’m not really saved. The only way for me to stay alive is to drink his essence. The essence that shoots out of the sinfully monstrous thing between his legs. Yup. That essence.
It tastes nothing like what I’ve expected.
This erotic novella is 13k word long, contains special-flavor CREAM, and is for adult audiences only.

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