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(The first book in the Finger Licking Monsters series)
A novel by

My boss is a dragon and he tastes like magic.

When I say I’m clumsy, I’m not being cute. With the amount of things I have tripped over, dropped on myself, and fallen into, it’s a miracle I am still alive.
So how did I end up working in a restaurant kitchen? And not just any kitchen. It is run by the notorious chef Draco Domanski, who cannot abide people tripping on asparagus or spilling coffee down his shirt.
Draco can’t stand my klutzy ways. Sowing chaos in his precious kitchen, I’ve come to know the signs of his monstrous displeasure. Eyes gleaming red. Smoke fuming from his nose. Tail wrapping around my leg while he growls threats in my ear, making delicious shivers run down my body.
But no matter how furious I make him, he won’t let me go. Soon, I discover why he needs me. I learn his other mouthwatering secrets: that he is doubly endowed and tastes like heaven.
Draco is passionate, tenacious, and… I can’t fall for him. He is my boss, keeps calling me Rabbit, and his fangs could rip me in half.
If I ignore the tension cooking between us, it will go away. Right?

This is a dragon shifter romance novel with a HEA and adult content. It is a standalone. Each book in this monster romance series follows a different couple.

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