book cover of For His Keeping

For His Keeping

(The third book in the For His Pleasure series)
A novel by

Twenty-two year old Nicole Masters is finally getting used to being in a relationship with Red Jameson, a billionaire businessman and high-flying celebrity. Their relationship has been going strong both in and out of the bedroom.

But just when Nicole's starting to feel comfortable in her new life, everything begins to fall apart.

Red's mother comes to town for a surprise visit, and soon she's doing her very best to drive a wedge between Red and Nicole, creating stress and chaos wherever she goes.

As if that's not enough, Red tells Nicole that the company he owns is in the midst of a terrible financial crisis and Red's head is on the chopping block. And now the two of them must travel halfway across the world and deal with Red's most fearsome adversary--Kane Wright--in order to try and save Red's beloved advertising agency.

But Kane Wright isn't merely interested in destroying Red's business. He also has his eye on Red's beautiful young fiance, and is willing to engage in plenty of dirty tricks to get her attention.

Nicole finds that she must battle on all fronts and try to fight for the greatest love she's ever known. But will Red continue to fight for her as well, or will his dark demons finally claim him?

For His Keeping (For His Pleasure, Book 3) is a 35,000 word tale of lust, submission, power and ultimately--a love story for the ages. For His Honor (Book 4 in the series) is also available for purchase now!

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