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Book 1 in the Body Scenes series. Newly divorced Annabelle leaves her proper life behind for the bright lights, big city experience in Manhattan. Her first night in town, her best friend takes her to Body Scenes, a hedonistic hotspot where artists create themed masterpieces for exclusive display - using naked bodies as their blank canvases. When a renowned artist asks to paint Annabelle in a sexy scene with three very hot men, the request is too tempting to pass up. With each stroke of the brush on her sensitive skin, she's more than ready to be the star of the mural - and the erotic foursome. Book 2 in the Body Scenes series. Trendy columnist Yvette has wanted Finn for years. The feeling is mutual, but Finn, a renowned artist, has yet to let pleasure come before business. He wants Yvette to model for a series of paintings for his next showing at the exclusive nightclub and naughty art gallery, Body Scenes. Unfortunately, the perfect theme hasn't materialized in his usually creative mind. That is, until a heat wave hits Manhattan and the idea of hot, slick, naked body parts causes inspiration to strike. Armed with custom ice sculptures, Finn turns a steamy photo shoot into a wet and wicked affair to remember! Book 3 in the Body Scenes series. Drake is the mysterious, sexy British owner of the exclusive Manhattan nightclub and naughty art gallery, Body Scenes. He's also a vampire. One who has a mad crush on - or rather, a burning need for - a human. Shana, the object of his blazing desire, is a sultry, curvaceous woman who oozes animal magnetism, though she doesn't know it. For Shana, who spent her youth feeling inferior to the petite and dainty women she toured with when headlining an international orchestra, body image issues are the order of the day. Every day. But then she meets the wildly charismatic and devilishly handsome Drake, along with his desirable assistant, Jane, and finds herself the star of a highly erotic three-way. But can she overcome her insecurities and accept that Drake's lust for her is of the eternal variety? And can a vampire really have a happily-ever-after ending with a human? Reader Advisory: Our hero and heroine enjoy a menage with a bit of female/female exploration. They also get a brief, scintillating glimpse of some male/male/male fun. A Romantica erotic romance from Ellora's Cave Book 4 in the Body Scenes series. Jane longs for a human's touch. Being a vampire precludes her from seeking an elusive fulfillment and ever-burning craving. Then, one unexpected night, two devastatingly handsome and intensely passionate shapeshifters imprint on her. Werewolf alpha Jude isn't accustomed to sharing a mate, but what choice does he have when both he and his second, Cray, pick up the beautiful British vampire's seductive scent and are innately and physically drawn to her? What starts out as a sticky situation turns into a touchy-feely one that results in a scorching-hot three-way love affair. But the wolves are being hunted by an ousted pack member looking for revenge and they've already suffered one loss - Jude's former lover. Suddenly, more than Jane's heart is on the line - the fate of her very existence is in the hands of her sexy shifters. A Romantica erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

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